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Darby on HuffIn January 2012 Derrick Darby was the keynote speaker at The Governor’s Annual Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day


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During black history month in 2007, Derrick Darby appeared on the cover of Our Texas magazine.  He was the feature story devoted to celebrating the power and creativity of black thought. The story posed the provocative question:  So we know that the hood can produce MCs and DJs but can it produce professional philosophers too? The story concluded:  yes, the hood can most certainly produce philosophers too!  Darby was raised in New York City’s Queensbridge Housing Projects (the home of famed hip hop DJ Marley Marl, multi-platinum rapper Nas, and some of the most influential talents in the hip hop industry).  Darby’s journey out of the projects did not take him from the hood to the studio.  It took him from the hood to the Ivory Tower.

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Audiocast of Dr. Darby’s speach at UAlbany’s 27th Annual Martin Luther King jr./Black History Month Luncheon. 2006

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